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How we get busy

How We Get Busy

We are a one-stop shop for businesses. No but really, we are. Let us help you with all your business needs so you can get back to making your company shine. Or working on your tan. Or day drinking. Or whatever you want to use the extra time for, we’re not here to judge. Here’s how it works: we’ll gather information from you, assess the needs of your business, propose a plan, tweak the plan according to your feedback, and then implement and report. We actually do the work for you, not just tell you what you should be doing.

Business & Management Consulting

We have experience in all aspects of running a business. Need help with purchasing new equipment? We can help analyze the project and assist in obtaining funding. YOY sales numbers looking off? We can review those. Wondering if you need a specific HR policy? We can draft that for you.

Accounting · Finance · Tax

Many businesses don’t like to deal with this stuff, but we do! Need financial statement analysis? Check. Need tax returns prepared? Check. Need some bookkeeping help? Check. Check. Check.


Marketing can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help break it down for you. Your business already has a voice, let us take it and share it with the world. We’ve got mad copywriting skills and are BFF’s with the media. Social media management is our jam. Intimidated by advertising options? Confused by marketing strategies? Think PR stands for pizza rolls? We can help.

Digital & Creative

Need a brand identity or refinement of your current one? Business collateral? Engagement photos? Fake passport? You guessed it, we can do that (jk on the passport).


Need some photo assets or glamour shots? We’ll bring our camera gear and selfie stick along to capture images that represent the voice of your business in visual format. We can shoot everything from boomerangs on our iPhone to on location photos of you and bae lounging on the beach. We manage this portion of our business under the brand Lone Buffalo Images, check it out on the ‘gram.

Legal Services

Yup, we have a lawyer on staff. Let us review and draft your contracts to ensure they’re ironclad af or review your business for potential liability (pro tip: pick that banana peel up!). We love boardroom negotiations and reading the fine print so let us help you avoid legal pitfalls before they happen.

Don’t see what you’re looking for listed here? Holla at us, chances are we do that too.

Let's talk

Let's Talk

When’s a good time for you? We know life doesn’t always fit neatly into a 9-5 day, so flexible is our middle name. Need an early morning breakfast meeting? No problem. A happy hour strategy session? Even better. Dinner? We like food. Curious if we should meet up? Swipe right.

Who we are

Who We Are

We’re cool people masquerading as consultants. You won’t find any stuffy suits in our office. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have the goods. Our team is full of talent and we deliver. We’re talking MBAs to IT geeks to nerdy bookkeepers and marketing gurus. We draw on our expansive skills and experience to give your business a leg up on your competitors.

Our team is led by our co-founders, Brian & Bridgett. They’re life-long TC natives who want to help support our business community and see it grow to its potential.

Brian is a CPA & attorney with experience in public accounting (both tax & audit), the legal field, and most recently as a chief financial officer. He is knowledgeable in almost every aspect of running a business and has a wicked awesome beard too.

Bridgett is all things marketing for your business. She has a background in sales & customer service that complements her marketing degree and most recently managed a marketing department at a large Michigan corporation. Her years of cultivating business relationships in northern Michigan can get your business the media attention it deserves.


Where To Find Us

Curious if we’re the right squad for you? Hit us up.
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Snail Mail: PO Box 6224, Traverse City, MI 49696
(231) 714-4745 (new phone, who dis?)